Historical records indicate that Jolly’s Mill Pond, our 50-acre pond, was built around 1820.

The pond's creation was a herculean project where slaves carved earth out of a hillside by hand and formed its 1/8 mile-long dam.

The pond powered a gristmill and an industrial mill for 100 years before it was destroyed in the early 1900s.

For 200 years, Jolly's Mill Pond has been a catchment basin for sediment which could have impacted the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.


Our Documentary

In 2022, Angi is applying her filmmaking chops to produce the Jolly's Mill Pond docuseries!


Because we're constantly peeling back the layers of Jolly's Mill Pond's history. One moment, we may discover something about the enslaved and free workers who shaped this property. The next, we'll learn about the indentured servants who worked in the gristmill or that Angi is the second Black owner of the pond in its 200 year history.


And this isn't a standalone story. Jolly's Mill Pond is linked to the history of early Virginia.

Stay tuned for more details...