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We welcome school groups and the intellectually curious !! Learn about the environment and history of
Jolly's Mill Pond.

Contact us at or call 757-741-8663


​Our 100-acre tree farm hosts a variety of wildlife habitats, trees and plants. You might see wood ducks, blue heron and  opeliated woodpeckers. ( Be on the lookout, though, for the one who's been pecking at one of our security cameras! )


On one afternoon tour, birders identified over 100 birds at Jolly's Mill Pond!

We have hundred year-old, proud bald cypress trees in our wetlands and valleys. They're the inspiration behind our upcoming nursery where we'll be cultivating native-grown bald cypress trees.

Other tree varieties include: white oak, red maple, white fringetree, hickory and more...

Take a virtual tour of Jolly's Mill Pond.
(Turn on the sound)

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