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Teambuilding And Education That Will Inspire

Unique Team-Building Experiences Focused on Culinary Heritage - Starting Late-May 2024


Are you a forward-thinking leader seeking innovative team-building programs? Discover our unique, hands-on educational experiences designed to enhance team dynamics and deepen understanding of America's rich culinary heritage.

Engaging Culinary Heritage Team-Building Activities

  1. Black Culinary Heritage Exploration at Jolly’s Mill Pond: Dive into the heart of early Black culinary traditions. Join us to uncover how African ingredients and recipes influenced Southern cuisine. Perfect for teams looking to explore cultural history through food.

  2. Native American Culinary Traditions: Experience the rich culinary world of Native American tribes that once thrived on our property. Learn about their unique ingredients, recipes, and cooking techniques in an immersive team-building setting.

  3. Hands-On Culinary Heritage Cooking (September 2024): Engage in a dynamic culinary journey. Harvest ingredients, delve into their historical significance, and participate in preparing traditional dishes over an open fire.

Customizable Team Experiences with Heritage Activities

Our team-building experiences go beyond the kitchen. Customize your program with heritage activities, an informative walking tour, and access to the serene Jolly’s Mill Pond. Ideal for teams looking to blend learning with outdoor exploration.

Image by Ian Keefe

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