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Jolly's Mill Pond Toffee
  • Jolly's Mill Pond Toffee

    Our small-batch, handcrafted toffee is made with creamy butter, sugar, premium semisweet chocolate, and topped with roasted pecans... with NO added preservatives. So for the best flavor, you should eat our toffee within 2 weeks.


    Toffee History

    Toffee, the decadent treat we all know and love, has been around since the 1800s in Europe thanks to a surplus of butter. The Oxford English Dictionary even first mentioned the word “toffee” in 1825.


    But wait, there’s a twist! The toffee we know and munch on in America isn’t actually the original English toffee. Instead, it should be called buttercrunch. Across the pond, the British make their toffee with brown sugar, while our buttery treat is made with white granulated sugar. And, let’s not forget the added nuts and other ingredients in American toffee. Traditional British toffee keeps it simple and nut-free.


    Here at Jolly’s Mill Pond, we craft our own version of this beloved candy that some still call English toffee...and we’re not complaining! English toffee just has a better ring to it.

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