• Jolly's Mill Pond

A brief history of Jolly’s Mill Pond

The pond’s dam was built sometime between the mid-1700s and 1867.

It was built by manual labor, most likely freemen. The earth for the dam was mined from a finger of land on the property. The site where the earth was mined is still visible today.

1855 - 1867 The Cabin was Built

1913 - 1935 Jolly Pond Fishing Club was active.

1950 My great-Uncle and Aunt bought the property. The house was overgrown and had to be excavated.

1964 "The Pond" by Robert Murphy was published.

Murphy spent many summers at the pond in the early 1900's. In his adult life, he was senior editor of the Saturday Evening Post.

1975 The Wonderful World of Disney produced a two part TV movie based on "The Pond", called "The Secret of the Pond".

1950s - Present

The property has been used as a private hunting and fishing club by family and close friends. This is where every generation learned to run around in the woods, swing on vines, target shoot, and fish.

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